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RJ Profits is a multifunctional internet marketing company that does more than just service our clients, we strive to be true partners.  Our approach is to go beyond online and inside your business to build a foundation from within by integrating every level of operation in your strategy.  What separates us in the digital world is knowing your online strategy initially begins offline.  Surprisingly to most, building your offline foundation first, gives online efforts the real support it needs on both sides of the fence to produce substantial results. With a background in the automotive industry we come from a hyper competitive world that uses strategies well beyond most industries. Generating a high volume of sales, leads, web traffic, and the process to convert those analytics to your bottom line is part of every strategy. Whatever the goal for you and your company, we believe our proven white-hat online tactics are not only the most efficient but cost effective methods built for the future. 

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The first step to our process involves an extensive interview to wholly understand your business.  Our goal is to identify the the most cost effective internet marketing strategy to generate the highest return on your investment. Together we will map out your future with priority and detail in mind. With years of experience in many competitive industries, our proven methods have stimulated growth for any size business.  By partnering with RJ Profits, the burden of keeping up with the quickly changing internet marketing landscape will no longer be on your shoulders. You will have access to all of the latest strategies and practices with RJ Profits on your side.

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Strategy is all about the plan, and a good plan is something we have built our business around. The world is changing faster than ever before, and is most apparent online. The biggest names in the game such as Google and Facebook continue to revise their programming and require swift action to simply keep up.  This constantly changing landscape can make constructing a successful internet marketing plan nearly impossible
. At RJ Profits, we are constantly training to stay on top of the latest innovations and technologies. We pride ourselves in staying ahead of the competition
. You can expect a top-of-the-line plan of action that not only will stand the test of time but serve as a strong foundation for all your internet marketing efforts. 

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RJ Profits is a comprehensive internet marketing service that will position your business to maximize profitability. We believe that to achieve success, you must surround yourself with successful people, and that is exactly what you get when partnering with RJ Profits. How you measure success is a very important element to what you accomplish online. We will coordinate studying the proper analytics to ensure that you thrive in your market. This final step is all about leaving no loose ends or forgotten priorities for any client partner. You can look forward to constant updates, regular reports, and plenty of comparable data so when we say success, you will know exactly what we mean. 

What Makes Us Different

Internet Marketing Company I want to kick things off by taking a minute to describe exactly where we fit into the internet marketing puzzle.  There are several types of internet marketing companies, all with the same mission but with very different motivating factors to accomplish that mission.  Although, there are no official guidelines you will find the terms company, firm or partner at the end of the business name.  What difference does it make you ask?  It can make a tremendous difference in terms of motivation in who you choose to manage your online marketing efforts.  How a company chooses to label themselves can reveal their internal structure.  Many companies, firms and partner types will offer exclusively their own products.  The motivation being to contribute to their bottom line.  RJ Profits is an internet marketing agency.  The difference being we are affiliated with many of the most cutting edge software, design and programming companies in the business.  This guarantees our clients receive the services best suited for their bottom line!  These relationships insure strong motivation to service our clients while leaving many available options.  The discounts and preferred treatment reserved for our clients allows us to maintain some of the highest ROI in the business.  Keep in mind when researching online marketing options, if they don't offer it, they will more than likely say "you don't need it."  

With this in mind, here is the key to selecting, in our opinion, the best "Agency" for you.  By utilizing RJ Profits vast portfolio of affiliates for programming, content writing, design or software products we remain completely unbiased on what services are going to work best for you company.  For example, in website construction it may be in the clients best interest to have software programmed by an outside competitor.  Most companies, firms or partnerships would insist on using their own programmers.  At RJ Profits, we will work to find the most cost effective solutions for our clients.  When consulting a client our singular goal is finding the path to success and goal achievement.  

Don't be a business that misses the next best thing simply because the company, firm or partner you are currently using doesn't offer the services your company needs.  Their motivation is to keep your company under their direct control.  With RJ Profits there are no boundaries.  We have built a strong network from the ground up to insure your business is provided the best software, consulting, programming  and design services in the business.  By maintaining these relationships with these cutting edge affiliates we guarantee our clients the best return on their investment dollars.  Your success is our success so next time you are in need of online marketing assistance choose RJ Profits and receive the help you are looking for!  

First Blog Post

Welcome to our blog and thank you for stopping by. We are still in construction mode so we apologize for any miscues you might come across along the way. Check back soon as we will be blogging regularly.